What does the ”8K” of the 8K mirror stainless steel sheet mean?

The customers who purchase the stainelss steel always hear 8K mirror stainless steel sheet. Mirror can be known the surface of stainless steel is bright and clean like mirror which can map the things. So what does the “8K” mean?

8K (2)

8K is the principle of stainless steel surface processing. After The surface of stainless steel being polished and grinded, its surface is bright as mirror which can map the thing.

We all know the stainless steel sheet is one of the Cr-Ni alloy steels. The “8” in the 8K is the proportionality of alloy, “K” is the reflectance grade after polishing. Therefore, the 8k mirror is the mirror grade embodied in chromium-nickel alloy steel.

In addition, according to the customer’s degree of fineness of the stainless steel surface, 6k, 10k and other stainless steel plates are also extended. The larger the number, the higher the surface fineness. However, it is not that the higher the surface fineness, the better the stainless steel plate, and the main thing is that it is suitable. However, the higher the value of “K”, the higher the process requirements, and the higher the price is certain.

Post time: Jun-07-2022

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