Tisco Train Stainless Steel Sheet Was Applicated to the Dalian&Xian Subway Successfully

Nowadays, after the tisco train steel sheet was applicated to the Taiyuan subway line2 successfully, it was again applicated to the Dalian subway line1&2 and Xian subway line2 successfully. The customers think the quality of tisco products is the best. Our customers’ reviews are good.

With the innovation of the stainless steel materials, stainless steel train body was widely applicated to the subway. Stainless steel train body has no cost of coloring and loading, and we can save our workig-time. Sheet materials decide the quality of the sunbway appereace. So the need of the shape of sheet, the vein, color lustre and the products’ stability is high. These years, Tisco is resisting on innovation and tending to Chinese stainles steel. Tisco strengthen the internal and external effect of its train steel sheet through improving the quality of products. With the Taiyuan subyway line2 successfully opening, Tisco sheet materials got the best review from manufacturing unit and owner unit, and its good reviews of products are increasing.


Durig manufacturig, tisco arranges skilled remembers to supervise from rubbing, straightening to cutting side, sticking film and cutting sheets, make sure that it has high standard and high quality. Express on the question of the effect of sheets’s shape of the welding material, cold rolled strengthens the control of the all processes before rubbing and makes sure that the shape of the sheets and the color lustre during rubbing. After finishing rubbing, we will confirm the straightening of the sheets’ shape again to control the non-planeness of the factory product within 3mm and make sure the planeness of the train body during train manufacture. At the same time, accroading to the models which customers provided, we had many researches and trials and connected with customers.At last, we dealed with the difficulity and the product reached the standard.

Tisco is as the first factory to manufacture the subway stainless steel in China, it tends to Chinese stainless steel train body. Nowadays,”Made in Tisco” has already populared with many countries.Beijing subway line4&6, Chengdu subway, Honkong subway, Taiyuan subway line2 and many other subways used Tisco’s products, it broke the situation that Chinese railway traffic depends on imported steel. In the future, tisco will still keep improving on techonlogy innovation and keep striving on applicating stainless steel sheets to subways.Tisco will contribute its power to “Made in China”.

This picture is that Dalian subway line2 which was used tisco train sheets.

Post time: May-19-2022

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