Which fields does 316 polished stainless steel sheet be used to?

316 polished stainless steel sheet t has the charcteristics of Ferrite and Austenite,and good abilities of   chloride stress resistance and corrod resistance. 2205 is duplex steel,is consisted of 21% Cr, 2.5%Mo and 4.5% Ni-N. its bend strength is twice than Austnite. The ability can make designers decrease the weight of the products in designing. It has more advantages than 317L stainless steel.



Because 316 polished satinless steel sheet has much Cr and Mo, so it has the ability of anti-pitting. Duplex stainless steel can assure that steel has high ability of pressure resistance and corrod resistence and mechanical strength is high.

316 stainless steel has mechanical behaviour, corrod resistence and good weldability. It is used to petroleum and natural gas industry, oceanerring, chemical industry and other industries. At present, petroleum and natural gas industry use over 850km oil tubes which were made by duplex stainless steels. Most of these duplex steels are 316L stainless seamless steel pipes (and the parts are S31803 duplex stainless steel pipes and 2507 duplex stainless steel pipes). Beacause the natural gas medium has high corrosivity, the high-pressure tubes all are mabe by 316 stainless steel pipes.

316 stainless steel can be used in these aspects: neutral chloride environment, refining industry, oil industry, chemical industry, petroleum and natural gas industry, pulp and paper Industry, fertilizer industry, urea industry, phosphate fertilizer industry, seawater environment, energy and environmental protection industry, light industry and food industry, food and pharmaceutical industry equipements.

316 stainless steel has good corrod resistence because its surface has passivation film which is exist in stabled oxygen, so 316 stailess steel is popular.


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