The dust removal centralized control system of TISCONo. 5 blast furnace is running well

Along with the overhaul of TISCO No. 5 blast furnace, the renovation of the blast furnace dust removal centralized control system undertaken by Xinzi Company was also put into operation at the same time. At present, key parameters such as air pressure and air volume for dust removal are operating normally, and the cleaning, conveying, and unloading systems and various auxiliary systems are operating stably. The renovation of the TISCO No. 5 blast furnace dust removal centralized control system is not only an important environmental protection project for the overhaul, but also one of the important projects of the company’s intelligent manufacturing this year. The renovation involves 7 sets of old and new dust removal systems. Most of the equipment has been in operation for more than 10 years.


The equipment is old and the drawings are incomplete, so the renovation is relatively difficult. Since the signing of the project contract in April, facing the characteristics of tight time, heavy tasks, a large number of renovation equipment, and different sets of dust removal systems, the project team divided the work reasonably, carried out detailed project research and functional development, and completed 1,000 projects within three weeks. Several injection valves, nearly 200 ash discharge valves, more than 200 vibrators, more than 40 control circuits involved in sequential control interlocking devices, and more than 100 instrument detection control circuits were modified and designed for project construction, transformation and implementation. Lay a good foundation. At the beginning of the design, the project team put forward the design idea of ​​”unified control of similar equipment, unmanned local operation of equipment, one-key system startup, easy instrument data processing, intelligent status judgment, and centralized fault alarm”. With this idea, after the transformation, nearly a hundred dust removal boxes have realized the unified control mode, which is easy to maintain; the ash conveying system adopts the method of “one-key start-stop, cycle cycle, fault interlocking and smooth stop”. All instrument parameters are “white-boxed” “It is convenient for fault analysis, judgment and correction, etc., and actively communicates with the ironworks during the project implementation process, understands the latest needs of users, and timely modifies control functions to meet user requirements.

At present, the functions of the No. 5 blast furnace dust removal centralized control system are running well, and the dust removal efficiency is higher, which better meets the ultra-low emission requirements.

Post time: Jan-17-2022

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