Precautions when painting SB stainless steel plate

SB Stainless steel sheet has many uses, good corrode resistence, heat resistance, low temperature strength and machine. And it also has the good funcation of punching and bending. But we need pay attentation to some details when painting stianless steel plate. Only by doing a good job in the details can the painting process be done to obtain a good quality stainless steel plate. So what are the precautions when painting stainless steel plates?

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  1. Basic treatment, if you want the paint film to be firm in the future, one process is to clean the surface of the SB stainless steel first. The treatment method can use a knife to remove the original residual paint, or use sandpaper to polish the surface. It is easy to use sandblasting to make the surface rough and increase the adhesion area of the primer.


  1. Spray (brush) the primer. The function of the primer is to prevent oxidation of the metal surface, and to firmly connect the topcoat to the metal. There are several types of primers.


  1. Top coat. Because it is in the open air, on the one hand, the paint film is required to have good weather resistance, and on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to use a baking paint with a strong paint film. Therefore, it is recommended to use polyurethane paint, which is a two-component paint with a curing agent, and does not need to be baked. , It can be cured completely at room temperature with its curing agent.


  1. Whether it is spraying or brushing any kind of paint, the application should be divided into 3-5 times, and it should not be too thick at one time, and then paint the next time after the previous drying. The easy problem for novices is to apply too much at one time, causing “sagging” flaws, which are neither beautiful nor strong.


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