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Standard: ASTM B265,ASME SB265,DIN17851,TiA16Zr5Mo1.5,JIS4100-2007,GB3461-2007

Technique: Hot rolled and cold rolled or forging

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Titanium Plate


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ASTM B265 Titanium plate / Titanium sheet
Material Grade 1: Pure Titanium, relatively low strength and high ductility.Grade 2:The pure titanium most used. The best combination of strength,ductility and weldability.Grade 3:High strength Titanium, used for Matrix-plates in shell and tube heat exchangers.

Grade 5:The most manufactured titanium alloy. Exceedingly high strength. high heat resistance.

Grade 7: Superior corrosion resistance in reducing and oxidizing environments.

Grade 9: Very high strength and corrosion resistance.

Grade 12: Better heat resistance than pure Titanium. Applications as for Grade 7 and Grade 11.

Grade 23: Titanium-6Aluminum- 4Vanadium ELI Alloy for surgical implant application.

Standard ASTM B265,ASME SB265,DIN17851,TiA16Zr5Mo1.5,JIS4100-2007,GB3461-2007
Size Cold rolled: Thick 0.02mm ~ 5mm * Wide 1500mm max * Long 2500mm maxHot rolled: Thick 5mm ~ 100mm * Wide 3000mm max * Long 6000mm max

Customized according to customer requirements
Technique Hot rolled and cold rolled or forging
Package Plywood case and then tied by steel band. The packaging will keep the goods more secure when in long distance transportation.
Application  1.Based on High intensity,titanium products tensile strength can be up to 180Kg/mm².2.Titanium and titanium alloy in aviation industry, is called “space metal”; In addition,in the shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, manufacturing machinery parts,
telecommunications equipment, hard alloy, etc have increasingly extensive application

3.In addition, because of the titanium alloy with the human body has very good compatibility,
so the titanium alloy can also be artificial bone.

4、Seawater desalination industry
 5. Chemical Industry,
6. Electroplating equipment 
7. Precision instruments 
8. Environmentalprotection equipment


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