TISCO tends to ECO development unwavering

TISCO develops stainless steel as the special steel in a long time. And TISCO built advanced stainless steel material state key laboratory, state physical and chemical Laboratory, Shanxi stainless steel engineering technology research center, Shanxi railway vehicle steel engineering technology research center and other innovation platforms. TISCO has more than 800 cores and specialized technologies with independent intellectual property right. And also host or attend to finish more than 70% stainless steel products standard. At present, TISCO has made the steel products organization which has energy conversation and long life with stainless steel, cold-rolled silicium steel and high toughness steel. Nib steel, nuclear power steel, train railway steel, duplex stainless steel, new energy cars silicium steel and other high quality products are famous to external and internal.


   TISCO tends to ECO development unwavering and use the best technology in the world. TISCO takes upgraded ECO development, promotes the environment protection level to high, forms the integral solid state, liquid state, gas state to give up the industrial chain of items recycling economy. To realize communion with city, TISCO deals with city domestic sewage and provides warm and so on.

Post time: May-20-2022

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