TISCO strives to be the leader in energy saving and emission reduction in the steel industry

In recent years, TISCO has taken the lead in promoting and applying a large number of world-advanced energy-saving emission reduction and circular economy technologies, forming a solid, liquid and gaseous circular economy industrial chain, and mastering a large number of energy-saving and environmental protection companies with independent intellectual property rights and international competitiveness. Advanced technologies, major equipment and new products, some key energy-saving and environmental protection technologies have reached the international advanced level, and green demonstration plants in the metallurgical industry have been basically built. The main indicators such as energy consumption per ten thousand yuan of output value, comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel, new water consumption, smoke and dust emissions, sulfur dioxide emissions, and chemical oxygen demand emissions are at the leading level in the industry, and have a good foundation for becoming the industry leader in energy conservation and emission reduction.

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In order to further consolidate the indicators and technologies of the industry leader, in 2017, TISCO started to implement the project of “Steel Smelting Energy Saving Standardization Demonstration and Creation” project,which aims to build an energy saving standardization work system in line with the actual situation of TISCO, and continuously improve the energy base by implementing energy saving standards. management level; by establishing a long-term working mechanism for creating standards, improving the ability of enterprises to benchmark and creating standards; by promoting the standardization of energy-saving technologies, it will help the application and promotion of energy-saving technologies.
The shortlisted project of “Steel Smelting Energy Conservation Standardization Demonstration Creation” will use the company’s OA system to build an energy-saving standard information service platform, publish the compliance status of each process index, guide energy-consuming units to carry out standard-setting work, and timely collect feedback on energy-saving standards in each area. Factory implementation opinions, and timely response to problems found; by carrying out energy efficiency index creation, implementing top-level design, key breakthroughs, forming atmosphere, systematic planning, systematic promotion, benchmarking management, strengthening professional guidance and summary and promotion of achievements, etc., to establish a long-term effect. Working mechanism, continuously improve the ability of enterprises to benchmark and create standards; by improving the energy management system, carrying out energy audits in accordance with national standards, improving the equipment and management of energy measuring instruments, and strengthening the training of energy-saving standards, etc., to further improve basic energy management. level; by promoting the standardization of energy-saving technology, it will help TISCO further spread a batch of energy-saving technology and equipment with independent intellectual property rights to the field of energy-saving services, expand the market, open up a new model of energy-saving standardized market services, and increase the popularity of TISCO.
At present, the basic construction of the energy-saving standard information service platform has been completed, and the rest of the work is progressing steadily.

Post time: Feb-15-2022

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