TISCO stainless steel products for automotive exhaust systems passed GM certification

A few days ago, TISCO stainless steel products for automobile exhaust systems have passed the certification of Shanghai General Motors and have begun to supply them. This is TISCO products that have been recognized by world-class car companies again after passing the product certifications of famous automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Toyota, further expanding the market space. At present, TISCO has the largest domestic market share of stainless steel products for automotive exhaust systems, and is one of the world’s most important suppliers of steel for automotive exhaust systems.


General Motors is recognized as one of the most demanding companies in the industry. In 2017, TISCO and Shanghai General Motors reached an agreement to tailor new stainless steel materials for the company’s automotive exhaust systems. After nearly two years of hard work, under the close cooperation of TISCO and Steel Technology Center and various departments and processes, the material composition system that meets the requirements of GM exhaust systems has been successfully designed. After small batch production trials, the products not only fully meet the exhaust gas requirements. Emission standards and design life requirements, and achieved the customer’s economic goals, and finally became a qualified material for General Motors. At the same time, TISCO has also leveraged GM’s strong market guidance to further expand the development space of stainless steel materials for automotive exhaust systems. In September 2019, TISCO, Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tenneco Exhaust System Co., Ltd. jointly established an automotive stainless steel joint laboratory to jointly promote the development and application of more new stainless steel materials for automotive exhaust systems And the upgrading of related traditional materials.

As an important domestic stainless steel R&D and production base, TISCO has always been committed to better satisfying the needs of the market and customers. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, major automobile manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the manufacturing level of automobile exhaust systems, and the performance requirements of related materials are becoming more and more demanding. In recent years, on the basis of years of accumulation, TISCO has continuously explored new processes and new technologies for stainless steel materials for automobile exhaust systems, and the physical quality and stability of the products have been significantly improved.

Post time: Dec-27-2021

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