TISCO products assisted the construction of Baihetan Hydropower Station Project

  Recently, at the processing site of Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd. of Dongfang Electric Group, the TISCO yoke steel was cut, punched, and slotted, and stacked into a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 16.2m and a height of 100 mm—the motor rotor model. After the staff conducted a series of parameter simulation tests, all the stacked circle parameters of TISCO yoke steel were qualified. It marks that TISCO’s yoke steel has passed the preliminary inspection of the motor rotor of the Three Gorges Group’s Baihetan Hydropower Project, and has the conditions for further processing and cutting. It is expected to be shipped to the Baihetan Hydropower Project in March next year for yoke stacking and magnetic pole mounting. Wait for multiple processes to assemble.


  Baihetan Hydropower Station is the largest hydropower project under construction in the world, with a total installed capacity of 16 million kilowatts. 16 sets of 1 million kilowatt single-unit hydro-turbine generator sets with fully independent intellectual property rights are arranged in the underground powerhouses on the left and right banks respectively. The single-unit capacity ranks the world’s largest one. The outer diameter of the motor rotor of the Baihetan Hydropower Project developed by Dongfang Electric is 16.2 meters, the maximum height is 4.1 meters, and the total weight is about 2,000 tons. It is currently the largest rotor in the hydropower station under construction in the world. The rotor is the core component of the hydro-generator unit, which is composed of a central body, a fan-shaped bracket, a main vertical rib, a yoke and a magnetic pole. Among them, the yoke is made of yoke steel, which is used to mount the magnetic pole, bears a huge moment of inertia, and is also a part of the magnetic circuit. Because the yoke steel has the characteristics of high strength, high precision, and high magnetic properties, the technical indicators of this steel plate are very demanding, the production process is complicated, and the processing is difficult. Relied on imports for a long time. Without breakthroughs in key materials, there would be no strong made in China.

Post time: Dec-20-2021

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