TISCO Nickel-based alloy has new breakthrough

Nickle-based alloy material has high temperature resistance, corrode resistance, which is applicated to aerospace, military unclear power, deep sea, environment protection, petrochemical and the other advanced fields widely. To realize nickle-based material “MADE IN TISCO”, according with the arrange of company Party, section bar industry built the TISCO nickle-based alloy manufacturing line in 2017. For the zero technology, section bar industry insists doing real things, creating real ways, pursuing real result. Section bar industry grasps and knows vacuum metallurgy technology by studying from external friends and browsing many infromations. And the quantity of nickle-based alloy material improves obviously. Section bar industry accumulates the technology continually, and tends to charge mixture, smelt control, electromagnetic stirring and other technologies. Controlling products elements is more accurate.


Nickle-based alloy smelting, electricing and forging technology are overall improved through section bar industry technology organizatons proofed, experimented continually. And section bar industry optimized the use and standard, smelt technology of alloy materials in scientific, and the purity of smelting is improved well. Matching electroslag crystallizer in scientific deals with the problem that bending deformation and cracking of electroslag ingot during billet opening, it improves the rate of producing. Improving homogenization and forging billeting process in scientific, the cost of the wasting power is decreased and the quality of forging billet is improved obviously.

Post time: May-23-2022

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