TISCO new high temperature resistant stainless steel is used in the national solar thermal power generation demonstration project

Recently, the installation of the solar island module No. 1 of the 50,000-kilowatt solar thermal power generation project in Zhengjiashawo, Yumen City, Gansu Province, a national demonstration project of solar thermal power generation, has been basically completed. The core component of the project, the heat storage, is constructed of TISCO high-temperature resistant stainless steel material, and its performance is good and has been well received by users.

The core component of the project, the heat storage, needs to operate continuously at 590°C for 20 years. The choice of materials is extremely demanding. It must not only be resistant to salt corrosion, but also be resistant to high temperatures for a long time. It has been dependent on imports for many years. After learning about the project situation, TISCO actively cooperated with well-known domestic design institutes. According to the special working conditions of the project, it organized experts on the composition, high temperature strength, welding performance and other processes of stainless steel. The high-temperature resistant stainless steel products that are stricter than the standard have met the requirements of design institutes and users, and the supply of products has been realized.


The project is located in the desert area of ​​Yumen City, Gansu Province. It is one of the areas with the highest total solar radiation in Gansu Province. It is a national first-class solar resource area. The developable solar power project area is nearly 3,000 square kilometers. It is an ideal area for the construction of solar thermal power generation.It is reported that more TISCO brand high-temperature stainless steel materials will continue to be used in solar thermal power generation projects in western my country.

Post time: Dec-30-2021

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