TISCO hairline stainless steel sheets help to build “Linglong one”

These days, the first onshore commercial modular small nuclear reactor “Linglong one” starts to be built, which is the initial self-innovation result. After using our third-generation nuclear power technology “Hualong one”, the nuclear grade hairline stainless steel sheet which TISCO made is successful used to “Linglong one” nuclear reactor internals.


Nowadays, it has hundreds nuclear power station. But most of them are the large nuclear power generation device. Our country has “ Hualong one” and “Guohe one”. Making the nuclear generation device small is hard, but its use is wide. It can provide electricty and heat for remote districts, water shortage seaside cities, island, well drilling platform. Because the item is the first in the world, so the requiry of the material function is high. Expect the special requiry of hairline stainless steel sheets purity, the hot processing technology also needs high standard. So, TISCO decides to put electric thermo-couple on the stainless steel sheets to make sure the control of steel strict during hot processing. However, the way of putting electric thermo-couple is new, so the way is seldom in our country. To deal with this problem, TISCO specially established a professional research team to conduct detailed research on the materials that need to be purchased, the layout plan, the data collection and analysis plan, and the safety issues in the thermocouple layout process. After several months of overcoming item by item, the contract guarantee was finally successfully completed the task.

Post time: May-24-2022

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