TISCO duplex stainless steel assists the south Xinjiang Natural Gas Project

Natural gas is only the low carbon and clean energy in the fossil energy, which has the advantages of high effection, good quality, plentiful sources and convenience. It plays an important role in China’s energy transition. Xinjiang is rich in natural gas, but in southern Xinjiang, due to insufficient pipeline network construction and insufficient production capacity, there is a shortage of gas in many areas and nearby areas. The natural gas transformation project was undertaken by China National Petroleum Corporation. After its completion, it will effectively increase gas production, ease the shortage of gas in southern Xinjiang and the interior, and at the same time help transform local resource advantages into economic advantages and better benefit the people’s livelihood.

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  Previously, local oil and gas pipelines had been using composite materials of ordinary stainless steel and carbon steel. The untreated oil and gas that has just been mined contains many impurities and is complex, and is extremely corrosive, resulting in frequent pipeline leaks. In the uninhabited desert, maintenance work consumes huge labor and time costs, which seriously affects the safety of the pipeline network and the release of production capacity. Compared with composite pipes, duplex stainless steel pipes have high strength, strong corrosion resistance, short welding time, long life, maintenance-free, and green environmental protection, which greatly reduces overall costs, improves safety, and can ensure a steady increase in oil and gas production. In order to make this important project related to people’s livelihood use safer, more economical, and more environmentally friendly duplex stainless steel materials, TISCO has deployed marketing, technology, production, and processing forces to form a special team to focus on user needs and intervene in advance to provide Real and reliable material comparison analysis report, conducted in-depth and detailed exchanges with design institutes, owner units and industry experts many times, and put forward a package solution covering stainless steel material selection, specification customization, and follow-up stainless steel pipe welding processing technical guidance. Facing the fierce competition from multiple solutions and many companies, the design, owner and construction party were moved by the significant advantages of TISCO Materials and the sincere dedication of the TISCO team, and finally decided to adopt the TISCO proposal. TISCO stood out with its high-quality products and services and became the only supplier of special pipes for the pipelines of this project.

TISCO has always regarded PetroChina as an important strategic partner. The two parties have jointly carried out in-depth and all-round cooperation in the joint development of oil and gas pipeline steel, stainless steel, cryogenic vessel steel and welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, and new materials. TISCO’s products have been used in many major CNPC major projects such as the Sino-Russian East Route, the Shaanxi-Beijing Fourth Route, the West-East Gas Pipeline, Central Asia, and China-Myanmar pipelines. Faced with the large amount of work and the tight schedule of the Nanjiang natural gas project, Taiyuan Steel prioritized production in advance and gave full support. At present, some products have been successfully supplied.

Post time: Dec-31-2021

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