TISCO Brushed film stainless steel plate is used to Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant successfully

Recently, the first nuclear power plant in the western of China—Guangxi fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant 1 realizes grid-connected power generation. The main equipment of this nuclear power plant is made with TISCO burshed film stainless steel plate. This is the third million-kilowatt nuclear power generation unit which uses TISCO nuclear stainless steel sheets after the Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant 2 and Hongyang River Nuclear Power plant4.


In-heap component is made with using the pure Austenite stainless steel. It is as the heart of Nuclear power plant, its nuclear securiy level is the best and the key equipment of safe operation of the nuclear power plant. Before TISCO researches sucessfully, the material is always imported. The internal components of the reactor work under the environment of high-dose neutron irradiation, high-temperature coolant erosion and vibration, and the service life is the same as the service life of nuclear power plants, both are 60 years. Therefore, the quality requirements of stainless steel materials are very high. Since 2007, TISCO has developed nuclear-grade stainless steel plates for reactor internals, which has solved a series of technical problems in the cleanliness of stainless steel plates, ultra-wide, ultra-thick, and organizational control, and formed a complete set of production processes covering all specifications of steel plates. Technology and product quality are stable. It only took 6 months from the organization of production to the delivery and acceptance of the stainless steel plates for the Fangchenggang No. 1 and No. 2 units. Relevant data show that the quality of TISCO nuclear-grade stainless steel plates has reached and exceeded the level of similar foreign products.

Up to now, since the second phase of Ling Ao, TISCO has successfully provided a large number of nuclear-grade stainless steel materials including reactor internals, safety injection tanks and pressure vessels to almost all nuclear power projects that have generated electricity or are under construction. The third-generation series of stainless steel materials for nuclear power such as CAP1400 and Hualong No. 1 are the main domestic suppliers of nuclear-grade stainless steel materials and the only domestic steel company with the ability to supply nuclear-grade stainless steel plates for reactor internals.

Post time: May-26-2022

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