TISCO BA stainless steel is recognized by customers

PDO is a petroleum company which is controlled shares by Oman. PDO petroleum and gas are the twentieth in the world. The PDO gas gathering line item cost 1.3 millions$, which has 16 gas well. Because the place is the middle East Coastal Desert, the item gas is acid gas. So the item needs to use duplex stainless steel pipes which have high strength and corrode resistance as to deliver gas to central processing plant. The surface quality and exterior accrancy of basic material need high standard. So, TISCO  BA duplex stainless steel sheet organization start to work in elements design, steel clean level and so on. And they put forward and apply the technology that has high temperature strength and low temperature teancaity during the duplex stainless steel processing. Otherwise, the organization also makes the special organization guarantee and user marketing service model and realizes the product multi-specification, high-efficiency production.


Duplex stainless steel is one of the TISCO strategic varieties which have variety serialization, application scale. The product can supply with different country standard. The product passed the certification of multinational classification societies, and has obtained Shell, BP, NOR-SOK and other international authority licenses. The product is used in internal widely.

Over these years, the project team has been adhering to the core concept of social responsibility of “using stainless wisdom to create excellent quality and create satisfaction for all stakeholders”, seizing opportunities, working hard, and promoting continuous progress in the development of the industry. This user’s recognition is not only an affirmation of the team’s hard work, but also strengthens everyone’s confidence in continuous innovation and determination to climb the peak in the future. In the future, the team will not forget its original intention and keep its mission in mind, so as to make TISCO the world’s most competitive stainless steel industry chain enterprise and make its due contribution to China Baowu’s building of a national treasure and a treasure of the country.

Post time: May-25-2022

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