The world’s largest stainless steel seamless steel pipe project was completed and put into production

TISCO began to implement the technical renovation project of stainless steel seamless steel pipe with an annual output of 50,000 tons in March 2008. The project is located in the third-phase stainless steel industrial park of Taigang, covering an area of ​​776 mu, with a main workshop of about 175,000 square meters and a total investment of about 2.16 billion yuan. Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. and other joint construction. After the project started, the project management department and the construction unit adhered to the policy of “quality first, prevention first”, established and improved the quality responsibility system, increased process monitoring, increased punishment for quality problems, strictly controlled quality, and received to a better effect.

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Through the joint efforts of the majority of project builders, the first steel pipe was successfully trial-rolled on June 24, 2009; the small pipe production line (hot piercing + cold rolling/drawing) was opened on September 20, 2009; Pipe production line; On December 16, 2009, the extruder was successfully tested. At present, the process routes of small pipe, medium pipe, large pipe and extruded pipe have all been opened up. After trial production, the running-in of equipment has been basically completed, employees have been able to operate proficiently, and the production capacity has been gradually released. Stainless steel 300 series, HR3C, super 304H can be produced. , TP347HFG, 2205 dual-phase steel, 254SMO, 11 steel grades, 320 specifications, ranging from Φ8×1mm—Φ762×40mm, which can meet the requirements of industrial pipes. The products have been put on the market one after another, covering power stations, boilers, petroleum, chemical industry, national defense , nuclear power, transportation and other high-end stainless steel seamless steel pipe fields, more than 100 users, instead of imports, praised by users.

The completion and production of the stainless steel seamless steel pipe project made TISCO become the largest stainless steel seamless steel pipe production plant in the world with the largest single plant output, and it is the stainless steel seamless steel pipe with the most complete specifications and varieties of stainless steel seamless pipes in China. production plant. It has unique competitive advantages in large-diameter stainless steel seamless steel pipe, small-diameter long pipe and precision steel pipe. Combined with TISCO unique stainless steel smelting ability, it has stronger competitiveness in the variety and quality of stainless steel seamless steel pipe, and there are conditions Become the most competitive professional stainless steel seamless steel pipe factory in the world.

Post time: Jan-12-2022

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