The Welding and Cutting Skills of the Sandblasted stainless steel plate Manufacturing Company

Sandblasted stainless steel plate corrosion resistance is Cr, but Cr is the one of the elements of steel, so the ways of protecting 304 are different. When Cr is over 10.5%, the weathering quality of steel is obviously improverd. However, when the content of Cr is high, we can’t see the Cr though the corrosion resistence still development. Because when strengthen treatment to the Cr-steel, the types of the surface metal oxide will be changed as it that the Cr metal material produces. This closed chrommium-rich metal oxide keep on surface to adviod the further oxidization. This air oxide layer is very thin through which we can see the natural luster of the surface of the steel. Under this two conditions, chain is cuted, disposed, overturned and carried to the welding point. Otherwise, coolant can also be used by the solenoid coil of the hot system. Some solenoid coil can be used during kneading system process. To advioded the mutihole construction of the welding place, we use the heavy power to the kneading moving pulley. But too heavy power will increase the burr. So we will keep out the burr inside and outside of the steel pipe by using well-designed numerical control blade.


Accroading the main aim of the welding, we can use different welding wires to weld. To get the good result of antiseptic, Sandblasted stainless steel plate welding part need be welded and annealed. After 304 Steel Stainless and its fittings being welded, the environment will be polluted. The passivation paste can be used in the shop. The proper ways of using it that we can use a clean towel or other towels like this., then keep away the passivation paste, and wash it with water. Oterwise, when passivating, we should wash it with rag until make sure it has no passivation paste. The pipe fittings and the other fittings should be stopped when get the same luminance.


Post time: May-30-2022

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