The performance and polishing factors of 410 stainless steel plate

The surface of 410 stainless steel plate is smooth and clean, and at the same time, it must have relatively high plasticity, toughness and related mechanical strength. At the same time, when 410 stainless steel plate is used, it must also be resistant to acid, alkaline gas, solution and other media. corrosion. And in terms of 410 stainless steel plate, it is an alloy steel that is not easy to rust, but it will not rust.


The operating conditions to be considered when selecting 410 stainless steel plate, for example, in terms of its manual operation or automatic operation, the performance and type of the hot press, and the quality requirements of the pressed material such as hardness, gloss, etc. After that, the economic calculation must also be considered. Every time a newly polished steel plate must be produced, the number of times the decorative plate can be produced with a slow quality must be required.

The characteristics of 410 stainless steel plate, first of all, we actually need to pay attention to its relatively high strength, and at the same time, its machinability must also be relatively comparable; it will harden after heat treatment, and pay attention to the magnetic properties. , Not suitable for harsh corrosive environment.

The factors affecting the polishing performance of 410 stainless steel plate, first of all, we actually need to pay attention to the defects on the surface of the raw material. The more common ones include scratches, pockmarks or over-pickling, etc. Next, it is because of the problem of raw materials. The hardness is relatively low, it is not easy to polish when polishing (BQ is not good), and its hardness is relatively low, when deep drawing, the surface is prone to orange peel phenomenon, which affects the BQ performance. BQ properties with high hardness are relatively better.

The influencing factors on the polishing performance of 410 stainless steel plate, that is, the deep-drawn product, the surface of the area with a large amount of deformation must also have small black spots or RIDGING, and then it will inevitably affect the BQ performance. . But the more important thing is to pay attention to the polishing performance of the raw materials, it will appear better.

Post time: Feb-28-2022

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