The introductions of the 321 stainless steel pipe

321 stainless steel pipes is made by the 321 stainless steel materials.

  1. 321 stainless seamless steel pipe is used to produce superheated steam pipe of low and medium pressure boiler, boiling water pipes and superheated steam pipes used in locomotive boilers, big and small smoke pipes, and good carbon cold and hot rolled stainless seamless steel pipes
  2. 321 stainless steel pipe: it used to produce the good carbion steels, alloy steels and hot resistece stainless steels which are used to high-pressure steam boiler pipe. This bolier pipes often be used in high temperature and high pressure. The pipes will oxdize and be corroded because of high tempeature smoke and steam. So, the pipes must have high level of the resistence, oxideze reistence ability, and have good organization stability, hydraulic prop tube.
  3. The steel numbers of the 321 stainless steel: 304, 321, 316, 317, 310, etc.
  4. The numbers of the Alloy steel pipes: 15MoG、20MoG、12CrMoG、15CrMoG、12Cr2MoG、 12CrMoVG、12Cr3MoVSiTiB, etc. The numbers of the hot-resistence stainless steel: 1Cr18Ni9、1Cr18Ni11N. Expect assuring the chemical elemnts and mechanical properties, we will do a water pressure, flaring and flattening trials.
  5. 321 stainless steel pipes will delievery in hot processed. Otherwise, the microscopic structure, grain size and decarburized layer need to arrive at a standard. The stainless seamless steel pipes are used to geological drill and oil drill. To drill the rock formation structure, groundwater, oil, natural gas and minreal resources accertainly, we will dig well with diging machine.

Recovering petrolum and natural gas need digging well, the stainless seamless steel pipe which is used to geological drill and oil drill is the main equipment of digging well. It includes core outer tube, core interal tube, drivepipe, bull rod, etc. Because the digging well pipes need to be put in thousands meters layer to work, we need 1cr5mo alloy pipes.



Post time: Feb-22-2022

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