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Stainless steel factory

There are many stainless steel manufacturers on the Internet, and everyone says that their own is the best, so how can we users identify which manufacturers produce stainless steel is considered high-quality stainless steel?
You can’t just go searching for them one by one! Do not worry, today this article will tell you how to identify this is a qualified and quality manufacturers. After all, the data to speak, is the hard truth!

Choosing steel produced by reputable stainless steel manufacturers with excellent production techniques will ensure reliable quality. Do not look for manufacturers who do one-time business, uphold the continuous development of stainless steel manufacturers is the primary choice.
In the case of conditions permitting, you can visit and inspect the stainless steel factory offline. After all, seeing in the eyes and being able to touch the hands is the greatest sense of trust to meet. Secondly, you can request with the stainless steel manufacturer’s salesman, stainless steel factory production environment when the actual video, you can analyze the neatness of the production environment from the stainless steel factory, the standardization of the operation of the production staff, the area covered by the site to find out whether the stainless steel manufacturer is a formal production, the quality of stainless steel products with or without a dedicated person to control and so on.

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Stainless steel Testing Certificate

Before buying steel, be sure to check the relevant test certificates of steel, which can ensure whether the steel meets the relevant standards and the quality is reliable.
Generally manufacturers will make a separate page out of that official website to display, for example, our various certificates of Jiangsu TISCO are displayed in the about us page. Or ask the salesman to give it to you for viewing.

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Stainless steel Material

Different steel materials have different characteristics, such as strength, corrosion resistance, magnetic properties, etc. It is important to choose the right material for your needs. It is important to choose the right material for your needs.
To corrosion resistance, for example, if you want a stainless steel products in the life of the corrosion resistance, and will not cause excess waste, then 304/304L type stainless steel is the best choice program, its oxidation acid corrosion resistance compared to the general stainless steel is better, suitable for universal corrosive environment.

304/304L stainless steel

If corrosion resistance is not required, the relatively low cost 430 stainless steel is more suitable. Although its corrosion resistance is lower than type 304 stainless steel, it is sufficient for food, fresh water and non-marine environments. For those applications requiring only a few drops of corrosion resistance, Type 405 stainless steel can be used, which can resist corrosion from soap, alcohol, crude oil, gasoline, mercury and other weakly corrosive practicals.

Stainless steel Specification

Different projects require different specifications of steel. Before purchasing, you need to understand the specifications you need, and choose the steel that meets your requirements. The general stainless steel factory can be customized, the thickness and width will be given to a range, this piece of product in some manufacturers’ websites will have a display or you can directly ask the corresponding manufacturer’s salesman.

Stainless steel Appearance (surface characteristics)

Appearance is also a factor to consider when purchasing steel, the surface should be flat, free of scratches, defects, cracks, etc.
Like the NO.1 series, the surface characteristics are mainly original surface, silver-white luster, hot-rolled with heat treatment and pickling treatment, hot-rolled to the specified thickness, after annealing and phosphorus removal of a rough, unlit surface.

Stainless steel Price

Under the premise that several of the above factors meet your needs, price is also a factor to consider. Choose the moderate price of steel, not only to meet the use of demand, but also will not cause waste.
In summary, the purchase of quality steel requires comprehensive consideration of the above factors, and comparison between multiple brands and manufacturers, and finally choose the quality steel that meets your needs.

Post time: Apr-27-2023

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