Distinguishing differences between hot and cold rolled stainless steel

Hot rolled stainless seamless steel pipes compares with cold rolled stainless seamless steel pipes, cold rolled stainless seamless steel pipes is rolled with the temperature is lower than recrystallization temperature, but hot rolled stainless seamles steel pipes is rolled with temperature is higher than recrystallization temperature. The main difference between 304 hot rolled stainless steel pipes and 304 cold rolled stainless steel pipes is that it can take full use of bearing capacity after buckling.



Hot rolled steel residual pressure and the section distribution are different. Cold-formed thin-walled steel section residual pressure distribution is crooked. But hot rolled steel or welding part residual pressure distribution is thin film. Hot rolled steel free torsion stiffness is higher than cold rolled steel. So hot rolled steel torsion performance is better than cold rolled steel.



The size of the section is larger, the residual pressure is bigger. Although residual pressure is self-balanced, 304 stainless steel pipes has effect on the funcation. Such as out of shape, stabllity and other aspects all will have bad affections. Hot rolled 304 stainless steel pipes product width can’t be easy to control.


We all know expand with heat and contract with cold, because hot rolling, even length, width and standard start, it will have minus tolerance after colding. So for big sction steels, width, thickness, length andangle is not accurate.

Post time: May-17-2022

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