Classification and application of h beam

How to choose h beam?


H beam is a new type of economical construction steel. The section shape of h beam is similar to the uppercase English letter H. It is a common economic section profile in the engineering field. It is also called wide-side (flange) I-beam, parallel-side (flange) I-beam, or universal beam steel.


Classification of h beam


There are many varieties and specifications of h beam, which can be divided into column type h beam and beam type h beam according to the application; light type h beam, medium type h beam, and heavy type h beam according to the unit mass; broadside h beam, medium side according to the flange h beam and narrow side h beam. h beam is divided into the following four series according to the section:


Wide flange h beam HW.


The cross-sectional specification is 100mm×100mm~400mm×400mm, the flange is wide, and the cross-sectional aspect ratio is 1:1, which is often used as a support column. The radius of gyration of the weak shaft of the flange h beam is relatively large, and it has good compressive bearing capacity.


Middle flange h beam HM.


The section specification is 150mm×100mm~600mm×300mm. The middle flange h beam is commonly used in columns and beams, the width of the flange is narrower than that of the wide flange h beam, and the section aspect ratio is 1:1.3 to 1:2.


Narrow flange h beam HN.


The cross-sectional specification is 100-900mm, which has good bending bearing capacity and is often used as a beam. Its flange is narrow, also known as beam type h beam.


Thin wall h beam HT.


Hot-rolled light-duty thin-walled h beam is a new product and new material that has just emerged in recent years. Compared with ordinary hot-rolled h-beam, hot-rolled light-duty thin-walled h-beam has ” It has the characteristics of light and thin, lightweight, less metal consumption, and has the advantages of saving metal, good rigidity performance, and more environmentally friendly; compared with similar welded h beams, it not only has superior internal performance but also has the advantage of low cost. It is widely used in light steel structures, civil construction, and other fields, and has broad market development prospects.


h beam


Compared with the I-beam, the flange width of the h beam is wider, the bearing capacity is stronger, and the distribution of its cross-sectional area is more optimized and reasonable. Compared with I-beam, h beam has the following salient features:


1. The wider the flange, the greater the stiffness. The ratio of the height to width of the hot-rolled wide flange h beam can reach 1, or even slightly less than 1, which significantly increases the lateral stiffness. The flange width of the narrow flange h beam (HN series) is also 1.1 to 1.4 times wider than the flange of the I-beam of the same height, so under the same cross-sectional area, its lateral stiffness value is about 1 time higher.


2. Strong bending resistance. Since the cross-sectional area distribution of h beam is more reasonable than that of I-beam, under the same cross-sectional area, the bending resistance of h beam around the strong axis is 5% to 10% higher than that of I-beam.


3. The two surfaces of the flange are parallel to each other, and the structure is convenient. The flange of the h beam is wider, and the two surfaces are parallel to each other, so it is simpler and easier to connect in its structure.


4. It can process recycled profiles. h beam can be reprocessed into recycled profiles such as T-shaped steel and honeycomb beams. The process is relatively simple and convenient. These recycled profiles are widely used in petrochemical, high-rise buildings, etc.


h beam


Application fields of h beam


Due to the many advantages of h beam itself, the application fields of h beam are becoming wider and wider. It is mainly used in high-rise building engineering, bridge engineering, high-rise buildings in electric power and communication industries, support engineering for underground railways and mine roadways, industrial steel structural parts, oil production derricks, and oil pumping units in the petroleum industry, etc.


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