Alloy Inconel 718 Round Bar

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Inconel 718 is a Nickel-Chromium alloy being precipitation hardenable and having high creep-rupture strength at high temperatures to about 700°C (1290°F). It has higher strength than Inconel X-750 and better mechanical properties at lower temperatures than Nimonic 90 andInconel X-750.


Chemical Composition of Inconel 718


50 – 55 %
17 – 21 %
4.75 – 5.5 %
2.8 – 3.3 %
0.65 – 1.15 %
0.2 – 0.8 %


Typical Properties of Inconel 718


8.19 g/cm3
0.296 lb/in3
Melting point
1336 °C
2437 °F
Co-Efficient of Expansion
13.0 µm/m.°C
(20-100 °C)
7.2×10-6 in/in.°F
(70-212 °F)
Modulus of rigidity
77.2 kN/mm2
11197 ksi
Modulus of elasticity
204.9 kN/mm2
29719 ksi


Round Bar is a long, cylindrical metal bar stock that has many industrial and commercial applications. The most common application is shafts. Standard diameters range from 1/4″ all the way up to 24″. Other sizes may be available. Round Bar is available in many metal types including Hot-Rolled Steel, Cold-Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and more.


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