Shandong Iron and Steel Industry Transformation “Go to the Tradition and Get Quality”

Under the downward pressure of the national economy, the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry is not only the need for the development of the enterprise itself, but also the need to resolve excess steel production capacity and eliminate backward products and processes. As a major steel province, Shandong is also facing the challenges of excess steel production capacity, insufficient market demand, continued decline in steel prices, and a substantial drop in economic efficiency. Going to the traditional high-quality products has become a good medicine to resolve the excess steel production capacity.

Next year, more than 30% of production capacity will shift to the coast

In 2014, the “Shandong Iron and Steel Industry Transformation and Upgrading Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Plan”) was announced, and steadily promoting the transfer of the steel industry layout to the coast has become the focus of industrial transformation. “Implementation Plan” requires, “By the end of 2017, coastal steel production capacity will reach about 35%.”

At the end of 2015, the relocation of Qinggang’s urban steel enterprises was completed; the production capacity of Shanzhao Group’s Rizhao boutique steel base was 8.5 million tons, which entered the construction stage and laid the foundation for the transfer of mainland steel production capacity to the coast. By 2017, Shandong’s coastal crude steel production capacity is expected to reach 23.7 million tons, accounting for 26.32%. Compared with 2013, it increased by 11.26 percentage points.

Although there is still a gap of 8.68% from the 35% requirement of the “Implementation Plan” target, it is inevitable that the steel industry in Shandong Province will shift to the coast.

Build a world-class steel company

Another focus of the transformation of the steel industry is intensive management. The “Implementation Plan” requires, “By the end of 2017, cultivate Shansteel Group to become a world-class large-scale iron and steel enterprise group, and its comprehensive competitiveness will enter the top 10 of international steel enterprises; nurture 5 Professional production regional steel group”.

According to the news released by the Shansteel Group, the construction of the Rizhao Fine Steel Base of the Shansteel Group in 2015 is proceeding in an orderly manner as planned. The construction project of Rizhao Fine Steel Base of Shansteel Group is designed according to the standards of the highest professional level, the highest product quality and the highest equipment level. The product structure is mainly made of high-strength steel plates, and the products mainly meet the needs of high-end manufacturing.

Product structure is greatly optimized

In 2015, the proportion of grade III and above steel bars of key iron and steel enterprises in Shandong Province reached 97.37%, an increase of 17.36 percentage points compared with 80.01% in 2013, which has exceeded the “high-end plate (belt) material in the implementation plan” by the end of 2017 The proportion of products is more than 18%, the proportion of grade III and above steel bars is more than 85%, and the scale of deep processing of plates (bands) reaches more than 15 million tons.

The direct benefit of product structure adjustment is the obvious effect of energy saving and emission reduction. In 2015, the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel of key steel enterprises in Shandong Province was 591.24 kg of standard coal, which was a decrease of 6.78 kg of standard coal compared with 598.02 kg of standard coal in 2013, which was close to Target value requirements.

The key steel companies’ emission of 0.71 kg of dust per ton of steel and 0.70 kg of SO2 emissions per ton of steel have decreased by 0.02 kg and 0.47 kg compared to 0.73 kg and 1.17 kg in 2013, and have reached the target value in advance.

Post time: Jun-11-2020

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