How to judge whether stainless steel seamless pipe is annealed?

In common, manufacturing stainless steel seamless pipe has these processes: cold roll, cold pull, hot roll etc.. These processes include annealing are very important to produce stainless steel seamless pipes. However, because the whole process is not obvious on the exterior, many people can’t judge whether stainless steel seamless pipe is annealed for a long time.


1.     Using high-precision digital detector to examine each water tube electric resistance. Stainless steel pipe has steel resistor without penetration, and it can be tested. Forged steel natural parclose is smaller than the steel without butadience natural parclose. Before forming, it has no solide state.

  2.   The raw Stainless steel seamless pipe can be distinguished by radar echo. Stainless steel pipes industry knocks the water pipes and listens the voice from water pipes. How to judge whether stainless steel seamless pipe is annealed? If reverberaton is very high and shrill, the pipes will burn. Because the annealed internal crystal has even out structure, it can produce higher color reverberaton.When annealing, the whole device will have lots of disadvantages. So, we can find it with sonar.

Post time: Feb-25-2022

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