China-Russia East Route Natural Gas Pipeline Super 1/3 High-Grade Pipeline Steel Coils TISCO

The Sino-Russian East Route Natural Gas Project is a landmark project of Sino-Russian energy cooperation and a model of deep integration and win-win cooperation between the two sides. The pipeline of the project starts from Eastern Siberia, Russia, goes from Blagoveshchensk to Heihe, Heilongjiang Province, my country, ends at Shanghai, and passes through 9 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The total length of pipelines in Russia is about 3,000 kilometers. In my country, 3,371 kilometers of new pipelines and 1,740 kilometers of existing pipelines are used. In the next 30 years, Russia will supply 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas to China through pipelines. The implementation of this project is conducive to transforming Russia’s resource advantages into economic advantages, while further improving China’s energy structure, promoting the economic and social development of the regions along the route between China and Russia, promoting the diversification of the energy strategies of the two countries and ensuring the protection of the two countries. Energy security will have a positive impact on the global energy cooperation pattern.

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As the longest large-diameter, high-pressure “gas pipeline” in the world, the Sino-Russian Eastern Route Natural Gas Project not only has to pass through geographical features such as swamps, mountains, seismically active areas, and permafrost sections, but also faces low-to-subzero temperatures. The extreme cold test of 62 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the pipe laying needs to use spiral welded pipes with large wall thickness, high steel grade and low temperature resistance. All these put forward high requirements on the manufacturing materials of pipes. Since 2015, TISCO has been actively connecting with project parties, design institutes and pipe manufacturers in an all-round way, dynamically grasping the project progress and project requirements, and carrying out targeted product upgrade tests and new product trial production. During the period, the R&D team has successively overcame the problems of poor stability of low temperature drop hammer tearing performance and large dispersion of ultra-thick specification and high-grade pipeline steel, realizing the best match between the strength and toughness of hot-rolled coils, and effectively improving the traditional meaning The appearance quality defects such as camber bend and tower shape of the steel coil of Shanggao steel grade and thick specification pipeline steel have eliminated major safety hazards such as easy unwinding, unloading and rewinding of high-strength and thick specification steel coils. The actual inspection of the large-scale pipe-making enterprises it belongs to shows that the comprehensive quality is at the industry benchmark level. The successful research and development of thick-walled X80 high-grade pipeline steel for the Sino-Russian East Line of TISCO not only effectively guaranteed the progress of the project, but also made positive contributions to the construction of major national energy channels.

Post time: Jan-24-2022

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